Seminar for hr professionals was held at AUCA!

On October 13, DevCIT together with Green Light held a seminar – “digital transformation in the field of HR”, dedicated to the digital transformation of business and the growing need to update the skills and functions of specialists.

During the seminar, we said that in the near future the most popular in the market will be three groups of skills: machine learning and predictive Analytics (i.e. data processing and machine learning engineers, R-developers) artificial intelligence and robotics (programmers, robotics engineers, programmers of computer-controlled machines) cybersecurity (security engineers, security structure architects).

The main challenge in managing such global changes is to help teams in the old paradigm transform and adapt to the new reality and, crucially, not to lose those teams and the knowledge they possess.

For an HR specialist, it is important to correctly determine the set of skills of a new specialist. If the recruiter has an idea of the final models of the required skills, if the analysis of the industry trends is made, then it remains only to build a path for a set of these skills — the “pieces” of which the future specialist should consist. Unfortunately, we cannot hope that educational institutions will have time to prepare young professionals for rapidly transforming professions. Recruiters now need to know what skills a person can go into a particular area – then you can already determine what skills are needed in the future for its preparation.