Now you can take credit for training in DevCIT!

Do you want to become a high-class IT specialist, win at various Hackathons and competitions? Are you tired of your occupation and want something new? Are you a student and can’t afford expensive courses yet? You want to change your life, but do not have enough money for training? All these questions DevCIT training center and Bakay Bank offer you the answer-training on credit.

Consumer credit “learning without borders” will allow you to take programming courses in DevCIT — you can become an expert in various segments of the IT industry according to international standards, in a short time to master a promising profession in which there are no restrictions, raise your income to a new level and get a great opportunity for self-realization. Create your success story now, and maybe you will take a place in the IT hall of Fame next to Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

You can get acquainted with the list of programming courses in DevCIT on This page, and by selecting the course, learn more about the loan in any branch of the Bank on the website www.bakai.kg or call +996(312)610061