Programming for teenagers

Supported by the American University of Central Asia

Schedule: Sat 14:00-17:00 Sun 12:00-15:15

Course duration: 1,5 months

Price: 10 000 KGS per course

A course in the basics of programming for students in the Java language in the Processing Environment will teach you to create elementary applications and games in one of the most popular languages ​​in the world. The guys will start with simple applications for drawing and animating graphic figures on the screen using code, and at the end of the training they will be able to create their own 2-D game.

What will the student learn?

The course will improve the progress in computer science, give basic knowledge of programming for participation in urban and national competitions, prepare for admission to universities for technical specialties.

At the end of the course, the guys will create their project, and the best of the best will receive prizes from DevCIT!


Дмитрий Токсаитов

Токсаитов Дмитрий (github.com/toksaitov) является опытным преподавателем с 10-ти летним стажем работы на факультете программной инженерии АУЦА. Дмитрий начал свою карьеру с разработки мобильных приложений для платформы Microsoft Pocket PC ещё в 2002 году. Позже он работал над проектами для Symbian, вёл разработку крупной системы на Objective-C и Swift для iOS. Вот уже несколько лет Дмитрий ведёт классы по основам программирования на C# и Java, а также разработке Android/iOS приложений для студентов АУЦА и DevCIT.

Course content

1. Historical background of the language
2. Acquaintance, installation, configuration and use of developer tools
1. The process of creating programs
2. Familiarity with the Java language
1. Differences between vector and raster graphics
2. Drawing primitives
3. Animation
1. Working with the keyboard
2. Working with the mouse
3. Working with the gamepad
1. Work with text files
2. Basics of working with the network by means of Processing
1. The process of the life cycle of the program
(RU) Общее время учебной программы - 48 часов
Длительность одного занятия - 180 минут

How is the training?


We provide modern computers and the necessary training software.

Each session is recorded to repeat lessons.

Upgrade your knowledge and master a new profession with a friend!

Bring a friend and get a discount of 10%.
Bring two friends and get 15% discount