Commercial IOS Development

Supported by the American University of Central Asia

Course duration: 3 months

Knowledge of the basics of programming-required!


Price: 10 000 per month*

*You can take a student loan! Details at the link


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This course is designed to prepare programmers for commercial iOS development. Training consists of 30% theory and 70% practice.

At the end of the course you will gain the most popular skills for commercial development and do a great project. After training, you will be able to start independent work or further self-development.

Those wishing to take the course need to have basic programming skills and understanding of the basics of OOP.

You can take a student loan! Details at the link!


Sanira Majicova

Founder of IT organization Neobis, iOS developer with 3 years of experience, mentor and motivator. A young and ambitious graduate of AUCA, while still a student, founded her programming club, where she gathered and trained more than 8 students in iOS development. Now it is — IT Neobis organization that develops projects, mitaps, hackathons and education of students of the commercial development through mentoring. Teaching experience more than 2 years. After training in software development in the US, Sanira changed her approach to training and developed a unique method of explaining complex IT concepts. Sanira's achievements include free training in the US under the UGRAD program, a nominated scholarship for “Excellence in Software Engineering among female students”, a workshop on leadership in Washington and the first place in the hackathon “Safe city".

Course content

1. Create a Playground project and learn the syntax: the basis of OOP, extension, enumeration, etc.
2. We solve small logical problems in Swift language for understanding and fluency
1. Working with collections
2. We study the navigation system
3. Working with libraries
1. Data storage for 1 session. UserDefaults
2. Long term data storage: CoreData / Realm
1. We analyze how the data transmission is arranged. What is API?
2. Parse JSON: how to parse data.
3. Work with API, get data from API, parse JSON and show interface.
1. Facebook authorization
2. Google authorization
Learn the basics: commit, push, pull

How is the training?


We provide modern computers and the necessary software for training

During the course, we invite the employer to meet the students personally, and it is a great opportunity to express themselves and find a job in the future

Each lesson is recorded to repeat the material

Upgrade your knowledge and master a new profession with a friend!

Bring a friend and get a discount of 10%.
Bring two friends and get 15% discount