Software Testing

Supported by the American University of Central Asia

Supported by the American University of Central Asia

Schedule: MON, WED, FRI 19: 00-21: 00

Course duration: 3 months


Course price: 10 000 soms per month*

*You can take a student loan! Details at the link

This course will introduce you to the methods of software testing and preparation of technical documentation and reports.

What will you  learn?

During training You will learn the methods of analysis and testing documentation, test development and test scenarios, testing and documenting defects, reporting of test results.

You will be able to effectively collect and analyze all the necessary information from the customer and software development programmers, to test the software by various methods, as well as to write technical documentation. Moreover, upon completion of this course, you will have the opportunity to undergo an internship with our partners!


Alexey Tashmatov

One of the leading specialists in testing in the Neo Service company. Alexey has more than 7 years of experience in this field. Now he works as a Project Manager in the company "Timely Soft". He has in-depth knowledge of testing tools as well as excellent experience in manual testing, methodology development and test process automation.

Course content

1. The purpose of testing, maintenance, and quality control
2. Necessary factors for effective testing
3. Terms of reference and its role in testing
4. Types and methods of testing. Specialization and direction of testing
1. Rules and arrangements
2. The principle of modularity and reuse of test cases
3. The role of test cases in test automation
1. Need for test scenarios
2. Estimate test time based on test scenario
3. Add test script, add-on sources
1. Fixing errors
2. Rules for making good bug reports
3. Bug trackers and their role in testing
1. Workflow models
2. The role of programmers (developers) in the working process
3. The life cycle of the problem and error (bug)
1. Selection of tools
2. Role of emulators in testing
3. Internal tools and plugs (stabs)
1. The designation CI
2. CI deployment, build plans
3. The role of CI in deploying a product for commercial use
1. Types of reporting
2. Sources of reporting
3. Deciding to release a version
1. Regression tests
2. Test environment
3. Role of databases in testing
4. Code review in testing
5. The test of interaction (client — server)
6. Equipment testing
7. Testing of web applications
8. Mobile application testing
9. Testing desktop applications
10. Basics of test automation
11. Regression testing automation
12. Load testing automation
Total time of the training program 72 hours
The duration of one lesson is 120 minutes
Number of exams 1

How is the training?


We provide modern computers and the necessary software for training

During the course, we invite the employer to meet the students personally, and it is a great opportunity to express themselves and find a job in the future

Each lesson is recorded to repeat the material

Upgrade your knowledge and master a new profession with a friend!

Bring a friend and get a discount of 10%.
Bring two friends and get 15% discount