Developing iOS Apps

Supported by the American University of Central Asia

Classes start: November 23

Schedule: MON, WED, FRI 19: 00-21: 00

Course duration: 5 months


Price: 10 000 per month



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This course will allow you to gain the necessary knowledge and practical skills to create applications on the iOS platform.

What you will learn?

You will get acquainted with the developer tools, start learning Objective-C and Swift languages, learn in detail the key components for working with the user interface, receiving data from the device sensors, working with 2-D and 3-D graphics, files, network and databases.


Daniel Orlov

Daniil is a proficient teacher and developer with 5 years of experience in SOFTWARE design and development. He started his career with developing mobile apps for the iOS platform in 2012. At the moment, he works in the field of web application development and for several years has been training beginners in the development of iOS applications.

Course content

1. Getting to know Mac OS and Xcode, working with Swift Playground, Hello World
2. Concept (and acceptance) of data types and variables
3. We continue our acquaintance with variables and data types
4. Get acquainted with the conditions and Boolean data type
5. Getting acquainted with the cycles
6. Getting acquainted with a wonderful resource spoj.com, learn to solve problems
7. We continue to work with the data structure Array
8. Getting acquainted with the data structure Array
9. Learning to build simple algorithms
10. We get acquainted with the data structure Dictionary (Map)
11. Get acquainted with the data structure Set (Set)
1. Create a project for iOS, see what it consists of, get acquainted Interface Builder, get acquainted with the main actors
2. The concept and adoption of the runloop. Write a custom View, use a timer, create a primitive animation
3. CADisplayLink, improving animations
4. Use IBAction to handle button events
5. Development of project logic, event handling, management, loss conditions. Using UIAlertController, familiarity with closure
6. The basics of the graphical capabilities of UIKit. Rendering using UIBezierPath. Using IBDesignable and IBInspectable" annotations"
7. Asset Catalogs, the requirements for graphic files for iOS, rendering of images, use of UIImageView
1. Familiarity with the essence of the Application Delegate, the interaction of iOS with the app
2. The analysis of the role and use of objects of View Controller. View Controller life cycle
3. View Controller life cycle, continued. The interaction of objects of View Controller. The method of communication of objects "delegation"
4. The Presentation of The VIew Controller. Navigate using storyboard. Working with segue
5. Transferring data between View Controller objects

How is the training?


We provide modern computers and the necessary software for training

Each lesson is recorded to repeat the material

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