Development of Android applications

Supported by the American University of Central Asia

Course duration: 3 months

Knowledge of the basics of programming in Java is mandatory!!


Price: 10 000 per month*

*You can take a student loan! Details at the link



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This course will teach you how to create applications for one of the most popular platforms in the world.

What will you  learn?

You will learn how to create universal user interfaces for different devices, learn how to interact with applications, and be able to work with a variety of sensors from the camera to the barometer.

You will learn how to perform operations on files, receive and transmit data over the network, store and make selections from databases. In addition, you will learn about application testing, source code control, and application build automation approaches.

At the end of the course, you can develop your app and publish it to the Google Play store.

You can take a student loan! Details at the link!


Toksaitov Dmitry

Toksaitov Dmitry (github.com/toksaitov) is a qualified teacher with 6 years of experience at the faculty of software engineering of AUCA. Dmitry began his career with the development of mobile applications for the Microsoft Pocket PC platform back in 2002. Later, he worked on projects for Symbian, led the development of a large system on Objective-C and Swift for iOS. For several years Dmitry has been teaching Android and iOS applications development for AUCA students.

Course content

1. Introduction to the Android platform
2. Development tools (Android Studio, AndroidManifest)
3. Computer language
4. Working with the interface
5. Working with files and network
6. Working with structural data (SQLite)
7. Multithreading
8. Working with 2D and 3D graphics Android
9. Working with sensors
10. Working with third-party libraries
1. Distribution of the finished product
2. Practical skills in software engineering
The total time of the training program is 72 hours
The duration of one lesson is 2 hours
Number of exams 1

How is the training?


We provide modern computers and the necessary software for training


During the course, we invite the employer to meet the students personally, and it is a great opportunity to express themselves and find a job in the future


Each lesson is recorded to repeat the material


After the first 3 months, the employer can offer students with the best results to cover part of the cost of further education

Upgrade your knowledge and master a new profession with a friend!

Bring a friend and get a discount of 10%.
Bring two friends and get 15% discount