Programming for chidren

Supported by the American University of Central Asia

Schedule:10: 00 — 12: 30

Course duration: 3 months

The cost of the full course: 3000 soms per month

Intensive programming course for children 2-5 years (from 8 to 12 years) will teach your children the basics of programming on Scratch in an interesting and informative way.

Your child will be able to easily understand the structure, logic and design of programming. Game development, included as the main focus of this course, makes the course interesting and easy to learn for children. Moreover, thanks to the principle of gamification, it becomes easier for children to understand things that are difficult for them (for example, mathematics).



(RU) Scratch

Course content

1. Introduction to Scratch
2. Introduction to the Scratch coordinate System
3. Movements, Event, Back 10 steps
4. Expectation
5. Repetition
6. Parallel to the event
7. Repetition ("Wait until", "always", "repeat", " repeat until»)
8. Parameters (Boolean)
9. Pen
10. Boolean expressions
The total time of the training program is 24 hours
The duration of one lesson is 60 minutes
Number of exams 3

How is the training?


We provide everything you need for classes

In groups of no more than 6 people, individual approach to each child

Feedbacks and the learning process you can see on our
Youtube channel

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