Meeting with Dianna Yau, programme manager at Facebook, USA

On September 6, 2017, we held a meeting with Dianna Yau, program Manager of Facebook and Creator of ecosystems startup in many countries of the world.

Dianna spoke about social entrepreneurship and the need to introduce technologies to solve social problems. She noted that now more than ever, students should be familiar with the serious world problems in the field of education, health and international relations. Students need to begin to understand the responsibility of building their future in order to solve such problems through the application of knowledge from school and work.

How to do it? Start small by creating projects and solving problems that interest you. Dianna spoke about her passion for creating new marketing ecosystems, which inspired her to hold seminars for entrepreneurs in the middle East, Cuba, South America and Central Asia. Even a small project will inspire others and create a Domino effect, prolonging the influence you create.

Dianna also gave guidance to students to think about business models in the early stages. Most people think of social enterprises as non-profit rather than profit-making. This is not true, as a social enterprise should generate profits that are used to further expand and influence the social enterprise. She shared examples of M-pesa in Kenya and B-kash in Bangladesh, two digital payment technologies that received money from something that doesn’t usually make a profit.